What Is An Endodontist?

What Is An Endodontist?

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There are dentists - and then there are dentists that have special training to handle certain aspects of dentistry. Endodontists are the latter. They are specialists who focus on procedures that involve the inside of the tooth. Let’s take a look at just how an endodontist can help you maintain a certain level of oral care. 

What an Endodontist Does

Simply put, endodontists focus on root canals. These procedures are crucial in treating many oral health issues that involve infection and decay. But they are a bit more complex than other dental treatments. And it is not just a root canal that endodontists handle, but rather anything that deals with the inside of the tooth. The word endodontic, after all, literally means inside (endo) the tooth (odont). 

A few procedures that endodontists handle regarding the inside of the tooth - in addition to root canals - are: 

An apicoectomy. If after a routine root canal procedure, there are still issues within the tooth, an endodontist may perform an apicoectomy to remove the tip of the root to prevent further infections. 

Internal bleaching. For those who have discoloration due to root canal therapy, internal bleaching can resolve it. And an endodontist handles this procedure. 

Traumatic injury. In the case of trauma or an accident involving injury, cracked teeth may occur. These need to be addressed so that infection doesn’t settle in or any further issues don’t arise.

Endodontists have the necessary experience and skill to successfully handle any dental procedures that involve the inside of the tooth.

Who Needs to See an Endodontist? 

Patients who need a root canal may benefit greatly from an endodontist. Sure, your family dentist may perform root canals occasionally, but his or her focus is on dental procedures in general such as fillings, sealants, and so forth. If you are looking for a dental specialist that has the additional training, experience, and in-depth knowledge on root canals - especially complex root canals - then you’d go to an endodontist. 

Those in the dental community work closely with one another to achieve the same goal -- to boost your oral health. So if your dentist suggests that an endodontist may be the best fit to meet your needs, then the referral will be made. 

An endodontist can: 

  • Successfully perform endodontic procedures. 
  • Approach your dental work from various angles to ensure your comfort.
  • Rely on the latest technologies and procedures to get the best result for all patients. 

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