Pulpectomy in Lexington & Belmont, MA

Eagle Endodontics provides root canals of baby (primary) teeth in Lexington and Belmont, MA. Call to learn more and schedule your appointment.

A pulpectomy, or a root canal of the primary teeth is performed on a tooth that has a deep cavity that either exposes the pulp or has resulted in an infection of the pulp. The procedure is most commonly used for treating baby teeth because it leaves the roots of the tooth intact so they can continue to grow.

What Happens During a Root Canal of a Baby Tooth or Primary Tooth?

The first step in the process is taking an x-ray to determine whether a pulpectomy is needed. Dr. Sarraf may prescribe antibiotics for your child to take both before and after the procedure as a safeguard against infection.

On the day of the procedure, we numb the affected tooth and the tissue surrounding it to ensure that your child feels no pain during the treatment. If needed, we can also provide them with light sedation using nitrous oxide to help them relax. 

The tooth is opened to allow Dr. Sarraf access to the pulp in the crown. All of the pulp is removed, then the inside of the tooth is cleaned to prevent reinfection. A filling is used to replace the pulp and seal the tooth. A temporary restoration protects the treated tooth until your child’s dentist is able to place a stainless steel crown or other permanent restoration.

After the procedure, your child may experience some tenderness and sensitivity, but this is usually mild. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help alleviate any discomfort, as can eating soft foods until the soreness resolves.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pulpectomies