How Soon After Sedation Dentistry Can You Eat?

How Soon After Sedation Dentistry Can You Eat?

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Sedation dentistry can make a huge difference for anxious patients and those who find sitting through a lengthy procedure challenging. With safe sedation methods like nitrous oxide, dentists can relieve anxiety, help patients relax, and help appointments go by more quickly.

Sedation patients may need to know how long they should wait after a procedure before they can eat normally. With nitrous oxide sedation, you can eat as soon as any local anesthesia has worn off.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Eagle Endodontics offers nitrous oxide sedation. This method is a light form of sedation that helps patients feel relaxed without the side effects of other types of sedation.

Nitrous oxide is a clear, odorless gas breathed through a small mask covering the patient’s nose. The dentist mixes the gas with oxygen. The dentist can adjust the level of sedation by altering the mix between nitrous oxide and oxygen coming through the mask. The sedation takes a few minutes to achieve its maximum effect.

Nitrous oxide relaxes patients and, in some cases, makes them feel euphoric. They may have a “floating” sensation. Nitrous oxide also helps patients notice less discomfort during a dental procedure.

During the appointment, the patient is fully aware and able to respond to the dentist’s requests. With nitrous oxide, the appointment generally feels shorter. Patients will be relaxed during the procedure and will not feel tense.

The dentist switches the nitrous oxide back to plain oxygen when the procedure is almost over. The nitrous oxide wears off quickly. The dentist has the patient rest quietly for a few minutes and breathe pure oxygen. In as little as 5 minutes, the patient is entirely back to normal and can drive home from their appointment.

Why Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry helps anxious patients sit through a dental procedure without worry and fear. It is an excellent option for pediatric patients and adults who need extra help. Sedation dentistry makes appointments seem shorter and more manageable to sit in the dental chair for extended periods.

For severely anxious and phobic patients, knowing that they will have nitrous oxide helps keep them from worrying about the appointment in advance. Patients who worry less are more likely to keep their appointments and adequately maintain their dental health.

Dentists and endodontists are increasingly offering nitrous oxide to adult patients with anxiety. Nitrous oxide is a helpful form of sedation that can bring patients a more positive attitude toward dental work. The method produces few side effects, and it is possible to drive and eat again shortly after a procedure.

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