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Can I Get a Root Canal While Pregnant?

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Root canals are very common dental procedures that save a patient’s teeth from things like abscesses and infection. Going forward with a root canal can relieve you from mouth pain and keep your tooth from falling victim to any more damage. 

If you are pregnant, it is not uncommon to question whether or not this procedure is safe for you and your unborn baby. Let’s talk about the risks. 

Risks of Having a Root Canal

There are a couple of things that seem to concern pregnant women most, including x-rays, medications, and elevated stress. And while they are all valid concerns, none should pose a threat to your baby’s health.


It is natural to feel stressed before a dental procedure, whether you are in the middle of a pregnancy or not. And we understand that stress can be harmful to an unborn child. However, practicing breathing techniques and other holistic methods can help reduce the level of stress as much as possible. Relief will come rather quickly so the stressful period is temporary.


X-rays are necessary for your dentist to get a good look at the root of your tooth. Though we have often heard that pregnant women should avoid X-rays as they can be harmful to a fetus, the x-rays used in your dental office are not done anywhere near the abdomen so the risk is very minimal. 


During the root canal, local anesthesia will be given to ease any pain. Afterward, depending on the level of infection, your dentist may prescribe you an antibiotic to take. There are antibiotics that have been proven to be safe for pregnant women. 

As for the pain after surgery, no medication should be necessary. Any minor discomfort can be addressed with warm compresses. It is safe to take Tylenol for the pain if needed.

Risks of Postponing the Root Canal

If you are weighing the risk of getting your root canal due to things like the stress it may cause or the required x-ray, you may want to consider the risk of not getting it. Root canals are often needed due to a high level of infection and decay within a tooth. The longer it is not addressed, the worse that infection is going to get - and the greater the toothache. 

Tooth pain is nothing to sneeze at. As a pregnant woman unable to take anything for pain, it may become unbearable. This can elevate stress levels over an extended period - and that is not healthy for either of you. Not to mention that the worse your infection gets, the greater the chance it can spread throughout the body. This could be serious and dangerous for both you and the baby.

Talk to your dentist and weigh your risks. You may be surprised to find that opting for the root canal while pregnant seems like the safer choice for everyone involved. 

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Pregnancy is a special time for a mom-to-be to take the greatest care of herself and her unborn baby. At Eagle Endodontics we take special care to ensure optimal health and safety while reducing any potential risks. 

So, whether you are pregnant or not, if you require a root canal then Eagle Endodontics is here for you. 

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