Can A Cracked Tooth Heal On Its Own?

Can A Cracked Tooth Heal On Its Own?

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When a tooth is cracked, it can be a source of pain and concern for many people. Cracked teeth may not always be visible to the naked eye, but they can cause great discomfort and even affect your overall dental health. It's natural to wonder if a cracked tooth can heal on its own or if professional dental care is necessary. In this blog post, we'll explore the answer to this question and how to know if you have a cracked tooth.

What Causes a Cracked Tooth?

A tooth can become cracked due to a variety of reasons. Knowing the causes of cracked teeth can help you identify the issue quickly and seek treatment. Below are some of the most common causes of cracked teeth: 

  • Biting something hard: Biting on a hard object, such as ice or popcorn kernels, can cause a crack to form on a tooth. 
  • Tooth grinding: Bruxism, or the grinding and clenching of teeth, can lead to cracks over time.
  • Fillings: Old or worn-out fillings can be a significant cause of cracked teeth.
  • Dental trauma: Any trauma to the mouth, such as an accident or blow to the face, can result in cracked teeth. 
  • Poor oral hygiene: Poor oral hygiene can weaken your enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable to cracking.

Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth can be painful and uncomfortable, making it challenging to go about your daily life without feeling some discomfort. While the severity of a cracked tooth can vary greatly, there are some common symptoms that you should look out for. Here are some of the most common symptoms of a cracked tooth:

  • Pain while chewing or biting down
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures 
  • Swelling of the gums around the affected tooth
  • Discomfort when you open your mouth wide
  • Visible signs of a crack in the enamel of the tooth
  • Pain that radiates to other areas of your mouth or jaw

Is It Possible for a Cracked Tooth to Heal on Its Own?

Unfortunately, a cracked tooth will not heal on its own. If the crack is minor and only affects the tooth's enamel, it may not require treatment, but even in this case, regular monitoring and dental check-ups are recommended. For cracks beyond the enamel or ones involving the tooth's root, a visit to the dentist is essential for proper diagnosis and treatment.

When Should I Seek Treatment for a Cracked Tooth?

If you suspect you have a cracked tooth, you should see your dentist immediately. Cracks can become worse over time if left untreated, leading to the need for more invasive procedures such as root canal therapy. Additionally, cracks can cause pain–the longer they go untreated, the more painful they may become. Therefore, seeking dental treatment as soon as possible is important to prevent further damage and discomfort.

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